About the Jurors

Alexandra Murphy

Senior Lecturer Photography, University of Northampton, UK

© Alexandra Murphy. spirit #43.

Alexandra Murphy is a photographer based in Cambridgeshire, England. Her research and project work explores the dialectical relationship between the photograph and the museum specimen and its defiance of what Sigmund Freud termed the death-drive. In August 2015, Alexandra was awarded funding from the Royal Photographic Society for her current project at the Natural History Museum, London. This project explores the constructed museological space through the salt print, one of the earliest methods of preserving the photographic image to light.

Julia Schlosser

Lecturer, History and Practice of Photography, California State University, Northridge

© Julia Schlosser. Chloe on the Dresser.

Julia Schlosser is a Los Angeles based artist, art historian, and educator. Her artwork elucidates the multilayered relationships formed between people and their pets. Her writing and research interests focus on contemporary photographic artwork that depicts animals’ lives and deaths. Her photographs will be included in Antennae’s upcoming issue entitled Exposing Animals and in Mourning Animals: Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death edited by Margo DeMello, Michigan State University Press, 2016.